Johan Pelgrim

Flutter Lead AH Compact

First and foremost, I’m a husband and father of Mr. 9, Ms. 11 and Ms. 13. Secondly, I’m an enthusiastic Flutter developer and a real team player. I started as an enterprise Java developer in the 90s but switched to Android development in 2010. Loved Android so much that I founded The Dutch Android User Group in 2011 (currently 1361 members).

Early 2020 I jumped on the opportunity to work on a Flutter project at Albert Heijn and again loved that so much that I founded the Flutter Netherlands meetup group (currently 318 member). In my spare time I like fishing, playing the piano & guitar, watch movies and TV series.

Fun Fact: I do not hold back in a Karaoke bar!

10:15 - 11:15

track Tech

Flutter 1-0-1

Technical session (Difficulty: Medium) 
In this 1-0-1 session I will tell you the basics of what Flutter is and how to start with Flutter development. I will show you how to create beautiful user interfaces and dive a little bit deeper into stateless and stateful widgets, state management in general and the fun part; hot reload and animations. After the presentation I will leave you with some exercises which will hopefully inspire you to start creating your own Flutter apps in no time!