Hilbert Roukema

Project manager Logistics Support

Hilbert, living in Bakkum near the coast with my 2 kids and wife . I’m a supply chain addict with a passion for new technologies. Working for the mechanization program for the past few years have been a hell of a roller coaster ride, but one that I definitely didn't want to miss.

Fun fact: I like to clear my head by practicing yoga headstand (and still feel like a beginner after 3 years of practice)

11:15 - 12:15

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DC Mechanization behind the scenes

Introductory session (Difficulty: Low)
During this presentation you will learn everything about mechanization in our distribution in DC Zaandam. It’s about robot’s working together, 65 Automatic Guided Vehicles which can create their own traffic jam and Tetris 2.0 with our smart stacking software.