Charlotte van der Scheun

Data Engineer

I studied IT in Amsterdam and worked as a Data Engineer for the last (almost) 3 years. Next to work I like to paint!

Fun fact: I bought an electric scooter to go to the office, but never had to use it to actually go to the office.

13:15 - 13:55

track Data

Online demand forecasting

Introductory session (Difficulty: Low)

During the ODFC session (formerly known as X12), we present the business questions that we solve and the impact that we are already making. We start by walking you through our quest in collecting and processing the right data. This required a scalable and robust data pipeline, which we built in DBT, but also a thorough understanding of the business and the data. Once you get a grasp of the data, we explain the modeling choices that we made, specifically the pros and cons of forecasting per zipcode (instead of on a higher aggregation level). Also, we present the details of the machine learning model that we implemented and how variables like promotions, holidays and minimal order value are used.